Eti is an independent illustrator who loves bright colors and whimsical characters. The constant seeking of the unusual is key to her creative process. Although her work can be described as fully digital, it often comes with a twist as she loves experimenting with textures and brushes which brings the human touch into her works. Currently, she is focused on editorial and children’s illustration, character design, and illustration for animation. Her strong connection with nature is evident in her pieces.

Eti enjoys working in different styles and expanding her horizons every day. Her education includes degrees in illustration and art history. After graduating she spent 7 years as an illustrator and graphic designer at different studios where she developed more as a professional.

Eti’s biggest goal is to write and illustrate her own children’s book one day and is currently working towards this dream.

She’s always looking for an interesting projects and creative opportunities, so feel free to contact her at eti.illustrates[at]gmail.com


2023 Independent artist and host of IllustrationLadies Sofia part of IllustrationLadies Global

2022-2023 Part of FourPlus Studio as an Illustrator with focus on character design, storyboarding and illustration for animation

2018-2021 Senior Web Designer at What If Agency

2020 Illustrations for BOOST, an United Nations Development Program’s platform that amplifies innovative solutions fighting the Covid-19 pandemic

2019 Exhibition “Sketchy evenings: Eti & Yana” @ DADA Sofia, Bulgaria

2016-2018 Junior Web Designer at The Dots Agency

2016 Selected works for Fusion Art Fest | Sofia, Bulgaria